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The Fuel Hedge News

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The Fuel Hedge News

Fuel hedging Services

Secure retail gasoline street margins.

Protect diesel fuel costs/fixed price contracts.

Cap upside fuel price risk

fully participate in the downside.

Minimize natural gas and propane cost risk.

The Fuel Hedge News

An invaluable source of daily information covering petroleum markets, The Fuel Hedge News filters out the noise, focusing solely on factors that move markets. The news provides the key tools and information that today’s commercial hedgers need to manage their diesel fuel risk and to their retail gasoline street margins. Our daily feature is the “strategy session”, which delivers key recommendations and risk assessments*
*Our strategies are not speculative.

Gas Retailers
We Help Hedge Retail Street Margins:

We offer a retail gasoline margin hedge strategy that can help protect and enhance retail gasoline street margins. It is a tailored approach, helping to mitigate price volatility, manage fuel price risk, and reduce financial exposure.

Clients We Serve:

  • Petroleum Jobber/Wholesalers.
  • C-Store Operators/Retail Fuel 
  • Fleet Operators.
  • Construction Companies 
  • Agricultural Fuel / Cooperatives .
  • Propane Marketers
  • Ethanol Producers and Marketers.
  • Biodiesel
  • Natural Gas End Users

Fleet Managers:

From Trucking Companies to Railroads…Airlines to Commercial Marine & Barge operators, The Fuel Hedge is known as a provider of price risk management and budget protection services.

Natural Gas Clients Users/Consumers:

Through the use of customized financial tools (Swaps, OTC’s), The Fuel Hedge hedges fuel price risk, protect budgets, and enhance profit margins; all tied to physical volumes. Want to learn more? Contact The Fuel Hedge at 217-840-7938 or email info@thefuelhedge.com