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The petroleum industry represents some of the most difficult and challenging contract markets in the financial services sector. While these conditions place inexperienced hedgers at peril, they create rich rewards for those who steer the path and stay ahead of the crowd.

The Fuel Hedge offers two primary services:

Hedging | Trading – Price and Margin Risk Management – The Fuel Hedge creates strategy programs that are tailored to clients in need of a broad spectrum of physical hedging. Simply stated; The Fuel Hedge advises for the benefit of his client’s bottom line, and his accounts reflect the unique challenges each one of his customers face. So whether you are a fuel consumer or multi-site gasoline reseller, The Fuel Hedge can formulate custom solutions that meet the specific needs that match today’s unique circumstances.

The Fuel Hedge News – A Daily Commentary written by The Fuel Hedge himself – Darren Dohme. Mr. Dohme is amongst a select group of Hedgers who represent the most seasoned and successful petroleum traders in the United States. The Fuel Hedge is a true believer who utilizes the collective management of price risk & market volatility to create sound, simple and practical solutions that help enhance bottom lines. The Fuel Hedge develops proprietary research and analysis, written exclusively for his daily newsletter The Fuel Hedge News.  The News is as sound as it is progressive, producing some of the industry’s most credible commentary and analysis.

A respected petroleum analyst of nearly two decades standing, The Fuel Hedge provides insights on forward pricing, timing recommendations for seasonal contracting periods, and for his clients, market intelligence.  His services and expertise add value to both petroleum marketers and end users alike.

Hedge customer must be (ECP) qualified / Eligible Contract Participant to open an OTC hedge account.

The Fuel Hedge produces price/margin risk management and petroleum-based hedging strategies, along with innovative marketing solutions and specialized fuel contracts (ie: Fixed/Cap Price programs) that are respected industry wide. 

From convenience store chains to truck stops, petroleum resellers to construction firms, transportation fleets to municipalities as well as other end user consumers of fuel, clients of The Fuel Hedge come from every corner of the petroleum sector.